Abigail Mehrmann, birth doula


Meet Abigail

I'm new doula operating out of the Lewiston-Auburn area in Maine. I first developed an interest in this work following the miscarriage of my first baby, and I continued learning and growing through my second pregnancy. My beautiful little boy was born at home in Maine in June of 2019 attended by two midwives and a doula. My experience of labor and early motherhood awakened me to the needs of women in my community who need someone to support them through this transformative process in a system that often makes them feel that their options are limited.


As a follower of Christ, I hold a deep reverence for new life in all its forms. I have a special place in my heart for single parents, parents with a history of prior loss, and families seeking to deepen their connection to their spirituality through the experience of pregnancy and birth.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading historical fiction about medieval midwifery, puttering around my kitchen making strange herbal brews, and singing silly songs with my wonderful husband and our delightful toddler.  

So, what's a doula?

Doulas are trained experts who provide emotional, physical, and informational support throughout your pregnancy, birth, and beyond.

Doulas are an additional member of your birth team whose role is to help you have the best and healthiest possible birth experience. They are not medical providers, nor do they replace the role of a partner in the birthing space. One key thing to note is that doulas work for you, not for the hospital, birth center, or medical practice. 

As your doula, I can...

  • help you write your birth plan

  • walk you through what your labor experience may look like

  • provide continuous emotional and informational support

  • offer hands-on guidance on pain management during labor

  • help your partner help you as you navigate this extraordinary rite of passage together.

There are many documented health benefits to having a doula, including but not limited to an overall feeling of greater satisfaction with labor and a lower rate of unplanned cesarean births.


Core values

  • I believe in the beauty and validity of all births and birth experiences. I seek to serve expecting parents and families by helping them to have a labor and birth experience that leaves them feeling honored, valued, and heard.

  • Birth is an extraordinary rite of passage. While it is universal, it is also intensely personal. As such, I believe in protecting my clients' right to informed consent by empowering them to speak for themselves about their care.

  • I believe that quality birth care should be accessible to people of all socioeconomic backgrounds. While I am unable to offer my services for free at this time, I do offer a variety of different payment plans and schedules on a case-by-case basis.

  • As a firm believer in the spiritual component of birth, I extend my support to clients who wish to incorporate their particular beliefs into their labor experiences. While I myself am Roman Catholic, I am happy to come alongside birthing women and parents from all cultural and religious backgrounds.

  • All life is beautiful and worthy of reverence. As such, I do not discriminate on the basis of race, class, ethnicity, religion, culture, ability, relationship status, sex, or gender identity. 


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